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Destini Rawls Soul Revue with
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Blues Fridays - Doors open after 5pm
Music - 6p - 9:30pm - Big Dance Floor, Great Food
Tickets can be purchased at the door the day of the show

Friday, June 7, 2 024
6 - 9:30pm

Destini Rawls - vocal
Johnny Rawls - guitar & vocal
Johnny Magee - guitar
Allen Kirk - drums & vocal
Trent Boldt - bass
Rusty Walls - harp

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1638 Rice St, St Paul, MN 55117


Destini Rawls is a soulful blues singer with a “velvet voice” who was born in the seventies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From a young age, she displayed a passion for the performing arts, specifically music and singing. Her natural talent and her love for music made her stand out from her peers, and it was clear that her desire to be great in the entertainment industry would be her destiny.

Destini's journey in music began when she was just a little girl. “I was told that when I was three years old, I was humming the melody to a song my father was playing on his guitar.” Destini was exposed early in life to the blues because of her father-The Legendary Johnny Rawls. As a little girl she would watch as her Dad would hang out with his friends (fellow Bluesmen) and listen to them working on their music - as long as she was allowed in the room. “It was amazing to hear the musical arrangements that was coming from the living room.” Destini didn’t even know that over the years she would be amongst some of the greatest artists in the industry, such as; O.V. Wright, Bobby Blue Bland, Otis Clay and Bobby Rush (just to mention a few). With all of this music surrounding her, Destini excelled in music in school. Her charming personality and dedication to her craft led her to sing her way through school including a boarding school called Piney Woods Country Life School, located in Piney Woods, Mississippi. PWS also recognized and helped to cultivate her voice to some of the vocal notes that you may hear in her performance. Now in hind sight she has realized that from childhood, she was predestined to follow in the footsteps of the Blues and create her own way in the entertainment industry!

After completing high school, Destini couldn’t wait to travel with her Dad. She first appeared on stage in the Blues arena at the tender age of 18. “I was so petrified!” Even though she had performed on many stages and had competed in competitions, this was so different! She gained so much experience just hanging out with her Dad. Her ability to entertain an audience, allowed her to travel to Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and all across the United States singing the blues. “The blues is where it’s at!”

Destini couldn’t do music full-time because her Mom believed that she should receive a formal education. So, she went to college and received a degree in nursing. She works hard but she loves to play even harder! With her hard work ethics her time off from work was valuable to her. "I wanted to have fun!" So, over the years she learned that the Blues parties were the best parties. One day her Dad called and said “baby, you want to go to Aruba with me?” Filled with excitement she shouted “yes!!” She didn’t even know how they were going to get there until her Dad informed her that she was going on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise!” It was the best time of her life. Good people, good fun, good food, good drinks, beautiful scenery and most of all great live Blues music!

Fueled and on fire from her experience on the cruise it was then she realized it was time to live her dreams out loud. With her education being complete and her daughters being of age, Destini is filled with more soul than ever before and ready to share her new music with you!

You can follow Destini:
Facebook: Destini Rawls

Instagram: therealdestinirawls

"Help Me"

"If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time"

Featuring Destini Rawls

7:39pm              Destini Rawls
"Carry On"

7:52pm                    Destini Rawls
"I'll Take You There"

"Down Home Blues"

"Beast Of Burden"
Take a little stroll around the Saloon

Johnny Magee guitar solos

"Let's Get It On"

"Part Time Love"

7:57pm                 Destini Rawls
"Sweet Love & Kisses"

8:03pm           Destini Rawls
"Everybody Gets The Blues Sometimes"


"Red Cadillac"

Videos by Susan C

6:55pm               Destini Rawls
"Walk Away From You"

more "Down Home Blues"

Johnny Rawls Soul Band

8:07pm           Destini Rawls
more    "Everybody Gets The Blues Sometimes"

Johnny Magee on guitar

Special Guest Bambi Alexandra!

Nice Johnny Rawls guitar solos!

"Sweet Home Chicago"

"Carry On"
Featuring Destini Rawls