St Paul, Minnesota's
Blues Saloon

Erin Macawley's
Harrison Street Band

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Blues Fridays - Doors open after 5pm
Music - 6pm - 9:30pm - Big Dance Floor, Great Food
Tickets can be purchased at the door the day of the show

Friday, November 8, 2 024
6 - 9:30pm

Thank you for coming by...
We appreciate you!!!

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1638 Rice St, St Paul, MN 55117

Erin Macawley > on vocal
Tony Houle > on guitar
Bill Whalen > on drums 
John Iden > on bass

Vids by Bradmo

This band will
rock you,
roll you,
knock your socks off,
leave you on the floor,
pleadin' for more!!!

“It has to be something really special and refreshing to keep my attention. Well, Erin McCawley and Harrison Street did just that. With a tightly wound band, Erin brings to each performance the sass, the presence and professionalism; she has the audience wanting more. Once you see Harrison Street, you're going to go back for more I guarantee that!”
Gil Anthony/Host of Blues Power for 25 years. KBA recipient 2013 Commercial Radio

“A vocalist that grabs your attention no matter where you’re standing. Erin McCawley is one of the best the Twin Cities has to offer.” - Gary Eckhart, Blues photographer, writer for Blue Monday Monthly and 2016 MN Blues Hall of Fame Inductee.

“Harrison Street is the real deal with ‘the No-Drama Mama’, Erin McCawley packing dynamic pipes charismatically out front along with a VERY SOLID rhythm section of seasoned musicians. All of this leads to the sum of a powerful keg of dynamic fun and great entertainment!” - Dan Rheume, Northwoods Blues Festival